Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey all. 

I try to post here twice a week - like, I feel a bit weird just writing one PBP post after another. (Speaking of blog meme-y things, I haven't posted a 30 Days of Paganism in forever. Maybe I'll toss one of those up next week.)

Today has been hot. Like, nasty, sticky hot. My general theme is to hold a Winterfinding on the first really cold day after the Autumnal Equinox; for me, it's about acknowledging the oncoming cold, about pausing and recognition. And, for me, it's a time of anticipation: while I might complain about the cold, late autumn is my favourite time of year, and I look forward to winter. I like fires in the fireplace, and chilly nights, and frosty mornings. I used to love living in Dunedin because of the cold, and the crispness of a late autumn day. Not so up here in the sub-tropics, but it's still not an unpleasant time of year. Except this year because apparently it is the middle of summer again. Ridiculous. I won't end up holding Winterfinding until May or something.

By the way, I've mentioned tumblr a few times - this is my Pagan-specific tumblr and this is my general one, if you wanted to follow me or shoot me an ask or whatever. (I feel sort of odd mentioning it and tying things together in this way, even though I've linked Hagstone a few times on both of those tumblrs.) Tumblr has been good to me: I've seen some links I personally didn't post floating around, and someone quoted a big chunk of the FAQ which was really cool to see. AND NO ONE BITCHED ABOUT MY DEFINITIONS FOR "WICCA" OR "DRUID" which was amazing. I expected to look at the notes and see rage. But no rage! In fact someone mentioned that I hadn't included "panentheism" upon which I thought "what what?!" and had a look and I hadn't, so I went and added it in. I edited a few other bits too. I need to remember, with stuff like that, to keep going back and modifying things, as sometimes I come across new information and need to work that in, correct old errors and so on. Anyway my point is, the tumblr community is pretty cool, cheers to those who have stopped by. ♥

Today has been a day of hideous procrastination. I'm here typing out this pointlessness for you guys, and I haven't written anything or gotten any exercise yet, and it's already technically tomorrow. I'm thinking of making some sort of... gris-gris type thing to hang across from me and remind me to keep on track. I don't even know what it would be yet, I have like a sort of shape of it in my mind, it'd have bits hanging off it and lots of string all tied up in knots, maybe resembling a miniature shamble or something. To drag me back on track whenever my eyes happen to rest on it. "Oh right" I shall think and with its prodding and motivation I shall return to my efforts.

I will give it a try. If it works out I'll let you know. I might even take a picture of it for you. 

This weekend it is chocolate day and I bet you're all excited for the chocolate. Me, I'm going to hold out and buy a whole heap half-price on Monday. (Well that's a lie, I will probably eat some of it on Sunday. I might get a Lindt bunny. Lindt does amazing chocolate and I am fucking mad for those little bells. BELLS.)

Now I shall run away, and get some exercise done before it becomes 5am or something. Expect another PBP post soon. I have no idea what I'll be doing. I think I'll do a big post on Heathenry for one of the Hs, which might take a long long time to write but I am excited to do it. I haven't written a giant-ass post on Heathenry for the blog yet. It'll be good times.

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