Friday, June 22, 2012


I hope everyone who celebrates the Solstice had a marvellous one. I managed to forget about Mother Night, as I hold it on the night before the Solstice (when I hold Yule proper), but I held it tonight even so. It was most pleasant. Yuletide is generally a longer period for me, up to twelve days, and I honour various gods throughout. And on Saturday I will have a fireplace all to myself - save a couple of dogs - at which to warm my bottle of mead. That is something I am looking forward to. I consider the conscious and mindful lighting of a fire to be one of the most sacred and spiritually satisfying of acts.

I may post some altar photos this week. I took some lovely shots of a blót altar a couple of weeks ago.

Now, if you'll excuse me - I've another Solstice ritual to hold tonight. And it is late, and I am tired already.

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