Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winter Resolutions

I hope everyone who celebrates something at this time of year had an amazing holiday. The cold has set in here today and I am camped out next to my oil heater. Certainly not an unpleasant time of year. My Yule celebrations were very satisfying, and I've made for myself a sort of "New Year's resolution" (Yuletide is, after all, the beginning of the new year). 

The plan is thus:
One day a week on which I hold a small blót or otherwise spend time in prayer or devotional activity
One day a week on which I read lore
One day a week on which I study other materials (Heathen-related non-fiction). 

No plans as yet on how I am going to work non-Heathen studies into the plan, but I figured, best to have a place to start from first. I can build on it from there. I don't want to commit to too much and then end up getting bored or frustrated and giving it away.

I also promised you a picture of my altar from my (belatedly held) Winternights. Here it is:

Now that Blogger has shrunk it down, it's a bit harder to see what's going on, which is a tad disappointing, but I can't be bothered going back into the RAW editor and screwing with the contrast. That's mead in the libation dish in the foreground.

I must admit I'm actually rather liking these more.... quiet, home-oriented posts rather than some of the more essay-like posts. They're quite pleasant to write and to share. One of the reasons I stopped keeping up with the Pagan Blog Project was that the amount of research I had decided was necessary for this entry or that one just made me not feel like writing them, and splorting out a post on, say, the Jotnar without some solid info in there isn't something I really want to do. I'm glad the PBP is there, though; in the future when I'm struggling to find something to post about I'll knock something out related to whichever week is most relevant.

Peace, all!


  1. Kinda funny to think you are in winter-mode, while it was here between 80 and 90 degree the last days and summer is about to start. :)

    I usually like the winter time, too.
    It helps to focus on the inner realms and I like that a lot.

    Wish you a good time and just blog about what you like. :)

  2. Right clicking on the picture gave me a full screen version -- lovely altar!