Monday, July 16, 2012

So, I was probably going to post something last week. But then I got appendicitis and spent a day and a half in hospital, and I haven't felt much like being interesting or....... anything else, really, except sleeping and watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. So there's that.

They send you the organ after they do tests on it. I'm torn between keeping it in a jar forever and giving it a name, or burying it in some sort of religious ceremony. OH HEY, you know what I could totally do, I could use drops of the liquid it's suspended in in witchcraft. That way out-grosses menstrual blood as a spell ingredient. Diseased organ pickle-juice.

I have disgusted myself.

So I was watching Grey's Anatomy, and Denny had just died (saddest episode ever) and they were going to sit shiva for him, which is a Jewish custom wherein you don't bathe or wear jewellery or leather and people bring you lots of food etc. And I got to wondering about mourning customs in Paganism, and Heathenry particularly. Not funeral customs (we do have some records of those, happily) but whether people did anything particular, historically, when someone had died.... like not wearing certain things or eating certain things or using particular words. I haven't found much about it yet, but then I haven't looked very hard. (Like I say.... sorta still recuperating.) If I find anything interesting I will totally let you know. 

In other news I bought some new tarot cards last week and it should be arriving this week, so that is exciting. (I couldn't help myself, they were totally on special. IT WAS A BARGAIN. I could justify the expense at the time but one $80 4a.m. doctor's visit and now I am not so sure.) I will let you know what they are like. I might even do a mini-review of them or something. My reviews are always way too long and bloated and is like do you really care what is on every single page.... but at the same time I like to be thorough. Many's the time I've bought a book based on a review and it hasn't been what I expected. But that also means I do, like, no reviews. So I am going to do mini-reviews also, maybe, and some tarot card reviews, or something.

I am not erudite tonight because my side hurts and it is 2am. But I had to stay up late because you have to take the stupid pills every 8 hours.

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