Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pagan Insights #9

In Your Own Words
Winter is drawing to a close, which always makes me unhappy. I don't want to meet the coming season with dread instead of joy, but I do. Winter wasn't cold enough. Winter wasn't long enough. Sigh. Nature isn't "inspiring" me at the moment. I feel distrust towards it. I blame the insect documentaries I've been watching. Sometimes you just think "nature is wonderful!" and other times you think "centipedes are part of nature. Nature is horrible". 

Post a Pic

A Solstice-morning fire :3

Musical Musings
I've discovered Patrick O'Hearn on Pandora and tracked down his albums on Spotify. I really like a couple of his tracks when meditating. My favourite so far is Panning the Sands. I might play it during my next ritual, even.

Action, Action
I'm slacking everywhere at the moment. Slacking in daily prayer, slacking in ritual. Slacking most of all in meditation. I have been reading out a few modified prayers, some of which I quite like, but not that frequently. I know the value of repeated prayer is in repetition, but I feel I grow.... not bored, but like, I enjoy exploring different ways of knowing the God and Goddess of my tradition, particularly wordless prayers. I guess what I'll have to do is pick a particular prayer to work with, and repeat it at the end or beginning of whatever other sort of prayer I choose to do.  

I have no Eureka this month, I don't think. Well.... I've found that I've been taking more pleasure in my Heathen studies than I have done. I'll put off reading this or that and then when I'm snuggled in bed with a book and a highlighter I find it hard to put down the book and go to sleep. This is a good thing! I need to start reading with a notebook beside me because I keep thinking "ooo, what if...." and then going to sleep and forgetting about it by morning.

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