Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And All is Green and Blue

What the fuck is going on

Where did all these people come from


I just came on here to write a thing about spring that I've been putting off for like a month now and I've had 1000 hits?! I don't know how to deal with that. Where did everybody come from.

Well, anyhow. So. 


It hath sprung! In fact it sprung almost a month ago now. A day or two before my first-rite-of-spring, which went splendidly by the way, I saw butterflies whilst on my run. Butterflies, as I'm sure you all agree, are a certain indication that spring is upon us. They were followed quickly by the blossoming of flowering trees, the popping up of daffodils and the hatching of ducklings. The kowhai tree is in bloom. The tuis are singing. This is obviously one of those things that differ depending on where you live; I imagine down south it took quite a bit longer for spring to arrive. But up here it has been clearly spring for so long now that people's insistence that September 1st was the beginning of spring have been rather confusing to me. Did they just think it was a particularly flowery winter? Do seasons mean anything to people any more? The birds have been singing the joys of spring for a month now. I wonder to myself whether there was a time years ago I wouldn't have noticed either.

I can hear the tuis singing to one another from where I sit. The sun shines in my window. The days are getting longer. The sun is brighter, but not yet the burning wheel of fire that torments my every waking moment in the summer. And there are ducklings. Spring is a good time of year.

My First Rite of Spring went well, though in a way, it was unnecessary. Sometimes I hold my Sabbat rituals to speak to a part of my mind, or my soul, to really grok that the Wheel is turning and the seasons are changing. I didn't need to do that for the beginning of spring; I already knew it was here. So the ritual was solely celebration. It was enjoyable, and afterwards, I felt all fresh and new, like blue skies, yellow flowers, and green growth. And it is not so long now until the Equinox, when I'll change the black candle on my altar for a gold one, and really start to dread the coming of summer.

I really need to live somewhere less warm.

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