Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pagan Blog Project, 2012

I tend to come across yearly exercise things way later than I should, in the scheme of things. I remember about the 50 Book Challenge halfway through March, for example (except this year, mwaha!). I am a few weeks late for the Pagan Blog Project, but I think I will contribute anyway.

I was reading through my dreamwidth friend's list and Analect mentioned the Pagan Blog Project, the idea being that you post something starting with a particular letter each week. You're meant to post on a Friday, for reasons I don't understand, but fuck that. (lol, "togetherness and community". I'm not going to go out of my way to foster "togetherness and community", especially with people who spell "magical" with a K. I'm not a "togetherness and community" person at the best of times. I am more of a hermit.) Also let's face it, by the time it's many people's Friday it will be well into my Saturday, and I'm not going to rearrange my week to suit America. Fuck you, America. I see you there, with your "EST" and so on. Why can't you specify everything in GMT like the rest of the world? How the hell am I meant to know my time from EST? I know GMT. Tell me what it is in GMT and I will be fine. It's the Esperanto of time. Also, use the metric system.

Now this Pagan Blog Project may be something I grow bored with rather quickly, because let's be honest, the concept is fairly dull. "Talk about something beginning with B" isn't exactly thrilling as prompts go. But if something prompts me, I will write. My B may be, rather than "besom", "Buckland and why he is a bit of a dick" or "Blessed Be, and why it's rude to use this phrase as a greeting to strangers". Because I am a bit of a misanthrope and I hate you all. 

(I don't really hate you. I like you. You're cool
I just hate everyone else.)

Anyway, this may be fun or it may be something I forget about in two weeks, but either way, if you're blogging along, leave your blog URL in the comments and I'll check out your responses.  I'll tag all of mine "Pagan Blog Project" so you can check 'em all out together if you want.


  1. i've been going through most of the PBP blogs and i must say, the bar is pretty low (shhh don't tell anyone i said that). however, yours is great! way to not suck, really.

    also i apologize on behalf of america, and canada for being a pussy as usual and following along with the whole EST thing instead of standing up for themselves (i have dual citizenship so i am definitely a qualified representative of both nations).

  2. Hahaha, thanks Liz! :D You've made me determined to continue not sucking!

    You guys, check out Liz's blog linked there in her name ^_^

  3. I'm going to go along and second Liz's opinion. Thank you for not sucking, and for not having any blatant spelling errors that make me want to scream, "FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS, PROOFREAD!" Too many tbe (I'm assuming the) and piece when I should be reading peace.
    I think most of the blogs I follow are run by teenagers, so that may explain the errors and for citing Wikipedia when prodded for sources. Yes, I will be ageist about that.
    And sorry for Americans being so American.

    1. Haha, thank you! There are occasional spelling errors and typos, or even missing words, and sometimes it takes me a few months before I read back through and think "What the deuce?!" and fix it. But I try :D

      And you folks don't have to apologize for your countrymen, I was just being facetious ;)