Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Phases of Attention

Things come in phases. Or in waves, maybe. Focuses of interest: Hedgecraft, tarot, green magic, then back into Heathenry and so on. I focus most of my attention and learning on one thing, something that's grabbed my interest the most at the time.

A Heathenry phase is on the horizon. I feel it settling in, that it is right to focus here and on this. Of course, my first autumnal ritual for the Heathen gods has yet to be held. I'm saving it for a week from now, when I'll have time to bake some bread. In the lead-up, a major focus on Heathen lore and activities will be pleasant. I might reread the Eddas. I've read the Bellows, parts of it quite a few times, but I haven't read my Hollander much. I'll sit down with that, and devour it. 

I've put on my hammer. This afternoon I'll pull out my rune books - I think the last one I looked at was Isaz. Isaz is strange and I haven't yet internalised it; it may be more difficult because of the environment in which I live and how little ice affects me.

I've a ritual to record from my other Lammas celebrations. When I put this record book away, I'll change my focus entirely. Perhaps more of my entries here will be Heathen-focused, but then perhaps they won't. I have two Ds from the blog project coming up, and I have no idea about what I shall be writing.

It can be a bit difficult practising two religions. They are separate, but interrelated; in a sense I walk only one path. It is, however, easier and less confusing than being eclectic, as I once was. I feel more rooted, more stable, happier and more at ease. On the other hand, I still have interests in Hellenic and Kemetic polytheisms. I don't think I'll ever practice them fully, in the way I practise Heathenry - if only because the very idea of practising three or four religions simultaneously makes me feel incredibly tired.

In other news, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.


  1. Well if you do decide to make more Heathenry related posts, I look forward to seeing them. Of course I look forward to all your posts.

    And what ever do you mean, what the actual fuck, dear Sanna? Even not wanting to join the army I expect to get raped every time I walk out the door don't you? I mean, you come into contact with people anywhere you go, so naturally...Although, I don't know what they're making such a big deal out of. Personally, I think it's okay to be raped exactly 4.72 times before it's "too much." 8-/