Friday, July 31, 2015

It's been a long, long time.

So long, I don't even want to look and see how long it's been. Over six months, definitely. 

I confess I just... haven't felt the need to come back here. I have other projects on the go, and my tumblr which I've been more active on lately. And I've been relatively satisfied. 

I've actually felt lately like I have too many blogs. I've been trying to cut down, and to focus on the ones I really want to succeed, and Hagstone has taken a back seat. Which is a shame, you know, because I like this place. I like what I've done here. And I want it to LIVE.

I've been focussing on research more. I had a period of existential wossname not too long ago, followed by a moment of freedom. I still feel like there's something out there I want to get a grip on, but I'm not sure what it is. However I do feel like I'm moving towards it. That I'm doing the right things, and moving in the right direction - albeit slowly.

I have a great new foxydori into which I've put four notebooks and a folder. I'm taking notes in them, and I've made myself a rule: nothing negative. Nothing venting anger, no cross commentary on terrible books. Just interesting things, ritual records, that sort of thing. Later on, I intend to take the choicest pieces to add to a grimoire. I don't know what I'd call this.... a workbook, a companion... If you have ideas for a name for it, let me know. 

I have one book for my religious Witchcraft, one for Heathenry, one for Loki, and a small one for prayers. (My craft's prayers, that is. All my Heathen prayers are going in the Heathen notebook for now.) I'm really enjoying it as a tool and I'm getting more work done which is good and positive. I've also been meditating a few times a week which is important. One thing I am on the lookout for is new meditation ideas: things to focus on or to achieve. 

Tonight is the full moon, and one area of my practice that I still haven't nailed down is what I want to do on particular moon phases. I feel a desire to do something, not a prayer but an action, but I don't know what that is. I've browsed various rituals online, but most of them are "cast circle, say these words, you're done". I don't cast a circle so I'd just be praying, which, again.... not what I'm looking for. I suppose the circle casting raises the ritual aspect of it quite a ways. Maybe I should sing a song? 

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