Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have become involved in something called "The Informed Pagan Project", the aim of which is to provide some assistance to those coming to Paganism for the first time. Paganism is of course rife with misinformation; even people who have been practising Pagans for years are still labouring under misinformation. The aim of TIP project is to grease the wheels a little, so that people don't have to look back at their "fluffy period" and facepalm.

From the website:
The Informed Pagan is a collaborative Pagan community that can be used as a resource for learning more about the various religions and practices that fall under the Pagan umbrella. A place where one can ask any question and expect thoughtful, honest answers, based not only on collective experiences, but currently available scholarly research. [...] We felt strongly that more guidance should be available for Pagans of all types. [...] The Informed Pagan is for anyone who needs a bit of help navigating the world of Paganism.
The organisation hopes to, in time, produce books of essays, devotionals and so on, the proceeds from which will go to charity. (Which charity has not at present been decided upon.) At this point the program is looking for help in the form of questions or topics you feel should be discussed, particularly on the subject of starting out as a new Pagan. What do you wish you had known back then? If you're a new Pagan or still feel like a bit of a beginner, what areas do you want to be better explained? What do popular 101 books always fail to discuss?

Contact TIP Project via the website or via Tumblr, Twitter or Google+.

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