Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Nine: Deity Gender

A short one, this entry. This is sort of a tricky one. I mean, what is there to say? There are gods who are male and those who are female, and those who are theoretically straight and those who aren't so much, and male gods who don't mind doing "feminine" things and those who won't ever if they can avoid it. You have Athena for the Greeks who's essentially given a male role regarding particular elements of whatever, and a female one in others... Loki turns into a mare. Oðinn practises Seiðr. Thor dresses up as a bride. I mean really. What is there to say?

I mean aren't these concepts essentially established by culture? Even the Lord and Lady of my Hedgecraft are simply Themselves... She is as fierce as He is, His hand is as soothing as Hers.

I think gender roles are culturally or socially driven and inspired, and will differ in that sense from pantheon to pantheon, culture to culture.

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