Book Reviews

These are the reviews I (and in the future, possibly others) have written on books on the subjects of witchcraft and Paganism.

One of my gripes with many reviews of spiritual books are that they aren't specific enough about contents. Far too many good reviews mention few specifics - while it's wonderful that a book has changed your life, I'd like to know how, and what about the book inspired this change, so I'll know whether that book will help me in my own spiritual quest.

That's what I have attempted to do. As a result some of these book reviews are stupidly long and mention minutiae. I am a picky person when it comes to my religious books, and I tend to find a lot of problems, particularly with popular books. Revisionist history and unethical eclecticism are pet peeves of mine, and these tend to be rife. However I have attempted to be fair: in good books I try to find the bad, and in bad books I try to find the good. I'm also trying to judge them on what they are about, as well as what they claim to be about. A book that says it's about Wicca might be a terrible book when it comes to Wicca, but a pretty good book on eclectic Neo-Pagan witchcraft, and I want to reflect that in my reviews.

But, because this means reviews come out around.... well, twice a year, I've decided to add some more brief mini-reviews as well that don't require as much work on my part.

Full Reviews

Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn  -  5/10
The Spiral Dance by Starhawk - 1/10
Way of the Hedge Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock - 7/10  (note: not about hedge witchcraft)
Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell - 5/10 (let down by poor card stock quality)

Mini Reviews