Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Here is where I answer questions about the blog, myself and the issues discussed here. If you have a question, please post a comment on a post somewhere and it will be answered here. As this blog is pretty new, there haven't been many questions asked so far, and this page is a work in progress.

What is this blog about? Why did you start this blog?

These questions are best answered by the first post I made on this blog, here.

Aren't feminists all angry man-haters?

Um. No.
There's a lot of different forms of feminism. So, some feminists are angry man-haters. Other feminists are men. You, in fact, may be a feminist. If you think both sexes (and intersexed people) should be treated equally, with equal rights, congratulations! you are a feminist.

Feminism is about equality of the sexes. It's called "feminism" because it was to begin with about gaining rights for women. There are still inequalities in many parts of the world, from the United States to Jordan. In fact, there's the school of thought that sexual inequality hurts men as well as women; if nothing else it forces men into social roles that they may not wish to fulfil. 

I love men. I have many male friends, and I love men in my life. I am not a lesbian (although I support those who are). I want men to have full rights under the law, and to have the freedom to pursue the lives and dreams they wish to have, and play the roles they want to play, from soldier to primary school teacher.

What does the word  "Childfree " mean, and why do you use it?

"Childfree" is a label some people (men, women, and third gender term of your choice) identify with as describing their lack of desire to have children. It came about as an alternative to "childless" as the "-less" suffix implies to some (myself included) that there is something missing in their lives. "Childfree" as describing a person who never wants children may be compared to "childless by choice" as describing a person who does not want children now, but does plan to have them in the future, although this latter term may also be used interchangeably with "childfree".

You don't want children?


Why not?

I just don't. That's it, really. I never have done. They have never featured in my dreams for my life. I don't want children the same way many people do want children.

I could list some things I'd rather have in my life than children, but when it comes right down to it, you either want them or you don't. I don't.

Is it true that childfree people hate children?

That's certainly true of some people, but not all - and I'd venture to say not most. Many childfree people get along fine with cousins, nieces and nephews, and their friends' children, they just don't want any of their own. I fall into this camp myself; I find children in general annoying, but I am fond of some specifically.

What if you change your mind?

That's the great thing. If I change my mind, I'll just have kids. And if I'm old and have regrets, I'll just have to suck it up. It's a lot better, and easier, to be childfree and change your mind than to have a kid and realise it's not what you really wanted.

Are you really a witch?

Yes. Yes I am. I have been a practising witch for over a decade. For more information on witchcraft, see the witchcraft page of this blog.

What made you decide to be a Pagan?

It ticked all the boxes for me in what I wanted out of a religion. Well, it's actually a group of religions... I started out with eclectic Paganism in my teen years and solidified my personal religious ditheism and found Heathenry in the years since then.
For more on why I chose to be a Pagan, see my post here.

Will you post some spells?

It's pretty unlikely. I will if I come across one I find interesting and want to discuss, but I'm not going to be creating any sort of internet spellbook. People can write their own spells.

Will you teach me witchcraft?

No. I'm not interested in taking on students. However, I'm happy to answer questions on witchcraft (and Paganism) if you post a comment with your question. You can also contact me on Twitter. I do like to help.

I read your page on witchcraft. What sort of witch are you?

I describe myself as a Hedgewitch. My craft is traditional in flavour rather than Wiccan in flavour, ecstatic and involves otherworld travel. It is also home focused; like many hedgewitches, my craft has some big overlaps with hearth-craft and green witchcraft. My craft is also religious and ditheistic. As I am also a Heathen, this means I practise two Pagan religions.

Doesn't Heathen  mean the same thing as Pagan? Why do you use that word?

"Heathen" in the context of Paganism tends to refer to a practitioner of Germanic reconstructionism. Slavic and Finnish reconstructionists also use this word occasionally.