Monday, January 2, 2012


I don't do much for the "new year". Religiously, my new year starts in winter, and it's more of a process than one particular day or moment. So New Years has always just been an excuse for a party, and typically the nights don't go well. They're usually a disappointment at best and a disaster at worst, so I go into things with a view that it will probably suck. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised! This year's NYE party was nothing special, but I did get to see some old friends again, and no one was horribly injured, and only one person threw up. So that was OK.

It usually means, also, that New Year's Day is spent hung over, or filled with regret, or otherwise with me being grumpy. (Tick off at least two of those for me this year.) I don't start a "new year" filled with joy or anything like that, but occasionally I'll participate in some sort of tradition; in my family, we wear a brand new item of clothing on New Year's Day, usually something received as an Xmas gift. It's supposed to be good luck. I don't know where this tradition came from, but I sort of like it. This year I didn't get anything clothing-related except socks (I like socks) and I'd already worn those, so I didn't have anything new to wear.

As for resolutions, I usually fail at them utterly. I think I'd rather set a general goal, and work towards that, but it's a strange thing to do when the world's just turning itself down towards winter. Goal-setting seems like it should happen more at the beginning of spring. At any rate, I'm more concerned with completing the goals I have in mind already than I am with making more goals.

I don't have any goals for the blog, except to keep it going. We've made it a year so far, which is about 11 months longer than any other "proper" blog I've tried to run. I still have about three book reviews half-finished that I have to complete and post at some point, and I hope in 2012 I'll be more conscientious about getting those (and others!) written up and posted.

I've also considered "monetising" the blog; I've had a fair few more visitors lately (yay!) and am not opposed to the making of a dollar or two. I decided against ads, but I did decide to put up a little "donate" button, tucked away further down the page so as not to be obtrusive. If you like the blog, have an extra dollar and feel like it, you are now able to give that dollar to me. (Or you can buy a yourself lollipop or something. Or give it to the local animal shelter. Or Alzheimers research. Anyway, the option is now there.)

Oh, also, the Mayan thing? Yeah, no. If the world was going to end this year it would have only begun about 5,000 years ago, when the last calendar ticked over to or whatever it is. Which is nonsense. Of course the world is billions of years old. So. I just felt I should mention it, given the title of this blog post.

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