Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spring Growth

I'd slacked off on my Equinox ritual.

The Sabbat itself was two days ago and I was meant to do a rite last night, and the night before. But you know how these things are - sometimes they don't happen the way you'd like, and sometimes they end up better because you'd waited. 

There's a little bush walk near where I live. I take my dog there often, and he runs about amongst the trees while I stroll along the path. There's a little wooden bridge that I sit on sometimes, to listen to the birds and relax. Today when I headed out, it was the most lovely spring day you can imagine. It still is, outside my window right now. The sun is shining, but it's not too hot. There's a cool breeze. The colours are vibrant, but the light isn't too bright. The world is basking in springtime. So today on my walk, I took my time, enjoyed the walk.

When I got to the bush and let Rocco run around and amuse himself, I sat cross-legged on the little bridge. It was so easy to fall into a meditative state of mind. (I wonder if fibromyalgia helps on that score. Brain-fog can ease your mind that way sometimes.) I sat and then decided I would do my ritual then and there. 

I called my Lady and my Lord, and hailed the spirits of the earth. I hailed the elements and thought of the Equinox, and of the light half of the year into which the Wheel has now turned. I often resent spring, because it leads into summer and the sun begins to burn more harshly, but today was too lovely and it was only the joys of spring that filled me. I saw my Lady bedecked in blossoms with Her hair shining gold like the sun, and my Lord with new green growth curled around His antlers and climbing up His legs. I held my hands up to the treetops and sank my roots into the earth. The rite was brief, and interrupted once when I thought my dog had come across some ducklings, but wonderful all the same, and afterwards I strolled back and forth through the bush and found forget-me-nots and finches and tuis and fantails. 

When I gathered up my dog and started off home I felt more like myself than I have done in years.