Friday, January 2, 2015

Spiritual Goals

A new year, and this time I'm not filled with the desire to start a new blog or something. This year I have a beautiful new planner, a desire for peace, and a few easy goals to keep to.

Greet the day, by going outside, breathing the air.

Stretch. Be physically mindful.

Meditate - every day if possible.


They're small and they're aimed at bringing the spiritual more into my everyday life. My planner has a section for spiritual matters, where I've written out the Sabbat dates and a few chants and prayers I've composed. What I'd like to do is make sort of collage shrines, as well, but I'm not sure at this point how that's going to work out. I suppose I could go through my mother's old gardening magazines, or something. I want them to be peaceful, and uncluttered. 

I'm going to exercise more often too, as I've fallen out of exercise lately. I'm a bit uncomfortable in my skin and keen to gain some muscle back. I have a few of the "30 days challenges" I've printed out.

And I've started work on my staff, finally.

I found it last year, early in the year, and had a mind to get it done by May and Old Year's Night, but that never happened. I've collected some bits and pieces I'd like to hang from it, but no more than that, and some sort of moth seems to have eaten all my feathers. So I'll need to find more feathers. An old key, preferably one I find naturally, but you know how some things are difficult to find. Hagstones. Shells. Things that are symbols of my craft, basically - things that hold significance to me. 

I sat down and sanded it today. The knobs where some twigs had broken away won't disappear, but they'll be good to hang things from. The wood is a bit more smooth now I've sanded back a little of the bark, and I think I'll leave it as it is, as it has a lovely grain to it with a bit of the bark still on, and even a hint of green. The stick is dry and dead, of course; it's been sitting next to my bookshelf for a year and was dry when I found it. It looks nice, though. 

My Path in the Woods is dark and overgrown, and I have paused, to sit in peace and wait for the way forward to become clear.