Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beat, Beads

I've changed my room around, and doing so has changed my head in a way. I sleep right alongside my altar now, and it's easy to sit on the edge of the bed and read the beads or pray before going to sleep. 

Tonight I sat down and adapted one from Dewdrops in the Moonlight:

Fear not the dark
Fear not the silence
Fear not the mystery

My Lord and my Lady, lead me in shadow

...with the latter line said on the dividing beads.

It was quite fulfilling. I picked the mantra to help me with my anxiety, and I feel as though it did. I'd like to really think about other quick, simple mantras I can use, so I have something else other than fear to meditate on.
My focus is on meditation at the moment. I'm feeling prods from Odin and Hel, and I feel like They want more from me in that area. There's a lot, too, I have to read, and a few books I have to reread as well. I've been sleeping for years and it's time to wake up.