Sunday, February 27, 2011

Housekeeping Post #1

A change in blog theme, Dear Reader, to celebrate the Autumn. It has been technically autumn here for a few weeks now, and it's beginning to grow cooler some nights and mornings, although during the day the hot weather has yet to relent. I hope to encourage the heat to dissipate with a change in blog design. I've also decreased the font size; I think it looks better, but if people have trouble reading it, please let me know.

It's heartening to check my stats and discover people have actually been reading my little blog. I hope people have been enjoying it, despite it being, at this point, just a book review and a handful of rants. I did create the blog to be largely a place to post book reviews but of course they are slower in coming than rants, as it does require me to read (or reread) books to write a review. Still, I'm nearly done with the next one I'm to post - I want to finish rereading it over again before posting the review. I'm generally happy with it, but I don't want to have forgotten anything.

I feel like I should tell you all a bit most about myself, or about the blog, or something like that. But I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to get too personal, as it's not terrifically relevant and anyway I think most of the people who come through here already know me already, from forums or social websites or similar. Still, if you have any questions, please ask them here and I'll answer them in a subsequent post. Anything I consider offensive or too personal will be ignored and deleted, of course. Also, any ideas for topics to cover in future posts will be cheerfully considered. A couple of people have already given me some ideas that will be covered in the future.

Having a dual-themed blog does present some problems, and some teething issues. I know some readers will be interested in feminist issues but not Pagan ones, and vice versa. I am happier at present with a dual-themed blog rather than two single-themed blogs, although I know that it's not always wise when starting a blog to split its focus. I think in time issues will get ironed out and the blog will find its feet, but I'm still interested in feedback on this as well. (Having said that, I will still keep the single blog for a time to see if those issues do indeed iron themselves out.)

So that's the state of things at the beginning of Autumn. The leaves are still green outside my window. The sun is still too bright, and still too hot. My toes are cold, though. The grapes in the garden are ripe. The sky is a rich blue. The dogs are asleep next to the hearth. And now I must away, to Sunday lunch with my family.

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