Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of Books and Bad Reputations

Hey folks.

You deserve a post because this current book review is DAMN LONG and it's taking me forever to get it finished. I keep finding new things to add. I'm going to show it to a few friends first so I can get some feedback, and maybe trim it down a little. For your sakes. I mean, I did want to be thorough in my reviews, but not so thorough it bores the snot out of you.

In other news, a new link for everyone. Bad Reputation, a feminist blog based out of the UK. I've only just stumbled across it (I'm new to the blogging game in general) but I'm very much enjoying reading it so far. I shall add it to the link list.

On that note, if you have ideas of websites or blogs I should link to, please add them to the comments. I'm also accepting ideas on which books to review next.

In related news, I'm currently reading "Hammer and the Cross" by Robert Fergusson, about the Vikings, their religion, violence, and the conversions. I'm not far in, but thoroughly enjoying it so far. If you're interested in the Vikings or in the Christian conversions of the North, you may want to give it a read. I'm not so well versed in history that I feel I can review it properly, but what I have read I have enjoyed.

In edition, a joyous Equinox to all who celebrate it. I'm unsure what other holidays are celebrated around this time, although I imagine the Eleusinian Mysteries might take place around now. I personally held quite a pleasing ritual, elements of which were of great benefit to me as a woman who is attempting to forge her own personal religious witchcraft tradition.

May the season please you!

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