Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts on the Blog, and Moving Forward

I find myself a bit unsure what to post here lately. I think a lot of that is because I've been throwing up a lot of my quasi-feminist vitriol, and that's largely what this blog has become. Apart form the odd book review (most still in draft form, I regret to say), I haven't written much about my faith, or about Paganism generally. Which I... don't regret, I just wish to change that.

This blog started as a way for me to rant about the way abortion is treated in my country. And I've done that. And I may do that again in the future. (I probably will. Expect a rant about sterilisation again at some point.) If nothing else, my recent reading of The Spiral Dance and its particular prejudices has me twitching - but I'll save that for the review. (It'll be scathing. It really is an awful book.)

When I began this blog, I was in a ranty mood. And I'm often in that sort of mood, because people are stupid. But that's not what I want any more. I'm a little upset with the sheer amount of rant in the blog so far. For the time being, I'm going to focus the blog primarily on religious and craft-related matters, and less on feminist and childfree issues.

I hope that's agreeable to everyone. I have quite a few books lined up for review. If there are books in particular you'd like to see reviewed, do tell me. I'll do everything but lore translations and Ravenwolf. Although note that there are quite a few Pagan religions I'm not well versed in enough to know whether or not a particular book on the subject is full of it, but I'll make relevant disclaimers as we go.

So. The weather grows colder, which I like. There's something special about winter. Most of the trees here keep their leaves... I wish they didn't. I'd like to live somewhere where the ground was white with snow instead of just the occasional frost, and the trees were great naked spiky things pointing skyward. And it wasn't so damn hot in summer.

Yule is on the horizon, which is pleasing. It's a holiday I particularly love. There's a lot of mead involved; what's not to love? As a Heathen, I hold twelve nights of celebration. As a Heathen all by her lonesome, that celebration is rather limited, but it does one good to mark the time. I rarely manage to hold ritual every night, but something is better than nothing, and taking some time to be peaceful and happy, and read some lore with good food or drink, counts nearly as much as ritual. I also hold a Winter Solstice ritual for my religious Hedgecraft, and honour my God and Goddess thereof, which means the night of the solstice itself tends to be busy and exhausting.

I extend the question to my readers, however many stumble across this post: What holiday are you celebrating soon, and how will you celebrate? I do love learning about the holidays and rituals of different Pagan (and otherwise) religions.


  1. I've got Midsummer coming up, though to be honest the family and I will probably just have a bonfire (my youngest is turning into quite the pyro - the only saving grace is he doesn't know how to work lighters or matches), and toast marshmallows or something. My practices have been lacking of late, but I feel bad if I don't at least acknowledge the Sabbats (in some way) when they pass.

  2. I know what you mean, Sephira. It feels really weird to watch one go by and not do anything about it. I hope you find your feet in your practice again soon.